WatchCare Policy


• Parents must be attending a chapel function to use WatchCare.

• Only children 6 wks. – 5 yrs. old may attend WatchCare (unless prior arrangements are made for older children and posted by program leaders.)

• All information on sign-in sheet must be completed.

• A parent or legal guardian 18 yrs. of age or older must sign child in and out (only the person signing a child in may sign a child out. Parent must write a note authorizing someone else to pick up the child. This must be submitted when the child is dropped off.)

• A caregiver 18 yrs. or older may sign a child in only if they provide WatchCare with a note from the parent or legal guardian stating that the child is in the caregivers care and that the child may attend WatchCare (notes will be kept on file if the child will be returning with the caregiver in the future.)

• Children must be signed into the age appropriate room during large events.

• No person is allowed in the WatchCare rooms except the children who have been signed in and the parent, legal guardian or caregiver of the child.

• Children who are not potty trained or have been potty trained in the last 30 days must come to WatchCare with a labeled which must contain diapers, wipes, change of clothes, labeled bottles/”sippy” cup and any formula/food your child may need.

• Children must be fed prior to entering into WatchCare (only one small age appropriate snack is provided during services which are 2 hrs. or longer.)

• If your child will be attending WatchCare during a mealtime, parents must provide a sack lunch/sinner for their child or they will be returned to you during the time that the children are eating their meals.

• Providers will return a child to their parents if the child has been crying longer than 15 minutes. The child may return to WatchCare after calming down. If the child becomes upset and cannot be placated by WatchCare workers after another 15 minutes the child will be returned to their parent for the duration of the event.

• Any child who has diarrhea, rashes, coughs, non-clear running nose, yellow/green gooey eyes, fever or vomited within the past 24 hours may not be allowed to attend WatchCare. A child will be returned to their parent if any of these symptoms are noticed after drop off.

• Hitting, kicking or biting of another child or a staff member will not be tolerated. Upon occurrence, the child will be returned to their parent for the duration of the day.